About Keys2Drive

An accredited driving instructor will meet with trainee drivers and their parent or supervisor for free for a 60-minute session as part of the Keys2drive youth road safety initiative, which is funded by the Australian government. The instructors at Swift and Easy Driving School are authorized Keys2drive instructors who may conduct this no-cost session. The Keys2drive free lesson attempts to alter how learners learn in order to alter how they drive, making them safer P-plate drivers.

The free driving lesson gives new drivers and their parent/supervisor an overview of the Keys2drive practical learning technique and provides examples of how it can be applied when learning to drive a car. The best tips and information are given to participants about how to practice and what to aim for. Many inexperienced drivers think they are more skilled drivers than they actually are. With the help of Keys2drive, we hope to provide them with a much more precise and realistic picture, laying the groundwork for lifelong safe driving.


Elligibility Requirements

  • The novice driver must possess a learner’s licence issued by Australia.
  • The free Keys2drive lesson must be completed by the learner driver’s fully-licensed supervising driver, who is typically mom, dad, a family member, or a friend.
  • A Keys2drive free lesson is not available to foreign license holders who are upgrading to an Australian license.
  • You cannot take the Keys2drive free lesson if you have ever held a full driver’s license in Australia or abroad.
  • A supervising driver who has a full international license and is supervising a novice driver may both attend the free lesson. To be sure you are able to lawfully supervise a novice driver in Australia, we strongly advise confirming with the licensing authority in your state or territory. Otherwise, you run the danger of facing legal repercussions.
  • Drivers with P-plates who switch from automatic to manual transmission are not eligible for a free instruction from Keys2drive.


  • Sign up for Keys2drive. Since you must supply your license number, you must have your Ls.
  • When you book your session, you will be sent with a special free session ID.
  • To schedule a lesson with a certified keys2drive instructor, contact Lvision Driving School at +61 04 505 895 50