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You will learn the skills necessary to drive safely and confidently for the rest of your life from Australia’s top experts in Lvision  Driving School. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of driving lessons and courses in Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong,

Newcastle, Canberra, and Melbourne. We take pride in providing top-notch instruction with a fantastic and qualified team.



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Our Driving Courses

120 Mins Daily

Opera Pack

  •  60 Mins Driving Lesson
  •  Take 20 Lessons
  • Actual Cost $1200
  •  Pay $1020
  •  save $180
  •  Per Lesson $51

90 Mins Daily

Annapurna Pack

  • 60 Mins Driving Lesson
  • Take 13 Lessons
  •  Actual Cost $780
  • Pay $728
  •  save $52
  • Per Lesson $56

60 Mins Daily

Everest Pack

  • 60 Mins Driving Lesson
  • Take 7 Classes
  •  Actual Cost $420
  •  Pay $406
  •  save $14
  •  Per Lesson $58

Ready to Learn Driving?

We Help Students to Pass Test & Get a License on the First Try

Road Test Techniques.

Driving Test

The use of a car, a pre-test lesson, pick-up, and drop-off are all included in test packages that can be booked.

Learn in Your Vehicle

Use your instructor's automobile or the convenience of your own to learn.

Learner drivers

Gain experience, finish your log book hours, and get ready for your driving test.

Get to Know More

We’ve Great Experience of Driving

You will learn to drive utilizing the most effective curriculum in the industry thanks to the 50 years of business experience that went into developing our driver training program.

Affordable Fee

We offer great advantage at low cost.


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You use the skills you were taught to drive safely every day, and you will never forget the person who taught you how. Our instructors do a good job at their duties and take them seriously. By joining our team, you may begin to transform the world, one lane at a time.


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